Space Fighters

Date: 05/09/2011

Author: John

Category: Architecture / Interaction / Programming

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With Winy Maas, we developed a multiplayer videogame that “the complexity of time based competitive urban developments.” First exhibited in 2007 at the Architecture Biennale Rotterdam then at the 2008 Venice Biennial, the game features up to four players, each using a Wii-mote, simultaneously competing for resources to build urban structures.

Using Wiimotes, players can paint “nutrients” onto the terrain. These nutrients cause agents moving around the board to build structures for the player. Layering paint in specific combinations and locations influences the types of buildings that are constructed by the agents. Lastly, the buildings themselves have an effect (similar to that of the paint) on the agents based on their building type.

Team: K. Biswas, T. Plewe, S. Kim, S. Avecilla, J. Snavely

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