studythumb Interface Studies

A study for a canvas interface. Exploration of your content, drilling into an item, and opening a communication. A motion/interface study for a kiosk design in the Envisioning Lab John Snavely Art Direction, Graphic Design, Interface Design Kevi Louis-Johnson Motion …

thesisthumb MIT Masters of Architecture Thesis

My Master’s Thesis in Architecture at MIT investigates the potential of opportunistic borrowing and blatant reference—a postmodern approach used by architects in the 70′s and 80′s—through a renovation that reinstates a movie palace into a 99 cent store in Williamsburg …

Category: Architecture

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hpthumb HP TouchSmart

As a freelancer for Invivia, I developed a functional prototype (written in Adobe Flash) for the new HP Touchsmart computer. The touch interface is a virtual whiteboard that allows users to jot down messages, exchange photos, and make voice recordings …

wwa_thumb WWWA at Art Interactive

One of three Turbulence Grant Award Winners in 2006 shown at Art Interactive, WWWA, a commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, is an interactive, pneumatic sculpture that users can communicate with via a web-based interface. Coordinated efforts between online …

Category: Interaction / Sculpture

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bunny_thumb Dust Bunny

Dustbunny is an interactive tool, written in Adobe Flash, for space creation and manipulation. The software is currently being used to design a chair based upon a user’s bodily motion.

volume_thumb Volume Magazine

With Ole Bouman and Archis, I guest edited the Unsolicited Issue of Volume Magazine in Amsterdam. Featuring the work of the Office of Unsolicited Architecture, a design firm and studio at MIT in which I was a partner, the issue …