mobius_thumb Mobius Strips

For the “Elegance” issue of the Architectural Design (AD) Series, I was commissioned by Meejin Yoon of MyStudio to research additional mathematical possibilities of her Mobius Dress. From the research into Mobius strips and their variations, I designed a series …

sf_thumb Space Fighters

With Winy Maas, we developed a multiplayer videogame that “the complexity of time based competitive urban developments.” First exhibited in 2007 at the Architecture Biennale Rotterdam then at the 2008 Venice Biennial, the game features up to four players, each …

ps_thumb LOOP: PS1 Finalist

LOOP, MyStudio’s (now HY Architecture) PS1 competition entry, was one of the three finalists exhibited at MOMA in New York. I developed mathematical models that computationally generated the concept of “bubbles”. Images courtesy of HY Architecture.

Category: Architecture

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