Read Robert Hass

I’ve been devouring Robert Hass’s latest book Time and Materials. Wow. The first poem might be the best two line poem I have ever read.

My Mystical Turn

So I’ve taken the plunge: the last few weeks I’ve been reading mystical poetry. From Celan and Hopkins, I went to the Song of Songs and medieval women and then the Indian Gavitagavinda and then Kabir and Rumi … some of this was inspired by a class, most from conversation, most of that with my …

Ein Drohnen, Paul Celan

Ein Drohnen: es isdie Wahrheit selbstunter die Menschengetreten,mitten insMetapherngestoerber. P. Celan

John Koethe

“ … Nineteen Was nothing special and I wouldn’t want it back,Yet sometimes when I think about the years to come I see almost as many as the ones since then. I feel a vague and incoherent fear, a fearOf waking from time’s dream into an even stranger place,As different from today as now is …

Paul Celan and the Museum of Bad Art

We went to the Museum of Bad Art this weekend in Dedham, MA. A really fun trip … I recommend it, though you should be cognizant of the fact that you are going to have to drive a good 45 minutes at the least from somewhere to see … well, BAD art. But the commentaries …

Prose of the World

“Men have been talking for a long time on earth, and yet three-quarters of what they say goes unnoticed. A rose, it is raining, it is time, man is mortal.”-Maurice Merleau-Ponty, The Prose of the World


Hello from England. I am in Sussex for a philosophy conference. It’s so unexpectedly beautiful here! The campus is a bit of a 1965 modernist mess a la StonyBrook or SUNY Buffalo (and for the same reason –a late 60s move to create self-contained rural campuses. Interesting the same thing happened in Beligum at Leuvain …

Carl Phillips, "Sea Glass"

“The body is not an allegory — itcan’t help that it looks like one, any more thanit can avoid not being able to stay.” – Carl Phillips, from “Sea Glass”

Why isn’t Poetry a Graphic Art?

While I was reading about how Emily Dickinson collected her fascicles, for initially unrelated reasons, I pulled out a book on visual poetry from the 1920s. (also called concrete poetry) This interests me because I worked as a graphic designer for a while, and I was always considered about fonts and page layouts. Poets talk …

"Open the Door…" Emily Dickinson

When here nephew died, Emily Dickinson wrote,” ‘ Open the Door, open the Door, they are waiting for me,’ was Gilbert’s sweet command in delirium. Who were waiting for him, all we possess we would give to know — Anguish at last opened it, and he ran to the little Grave at his Grandparents’ feet …