Francoise Nielly’s Palette Knife. Scene 360.com, July 8, 2013.

Poetry Out-Loud in Seattle. Crosscut.com, April 4, 2012.

Go to Paradise at the Frye. Crosscut.com, Nov 29, 2011.

Sometimes the Creative Process Requires Flood Insurance. Crosscut.com.

Dreamy Eastside exhibits upstage Seattle arts scene. Crosscut.com, Oct 6, 2011.

Seattle’s fall art scene delves into design. Crosscut.com, Sept 22, 2011.

Eat Tacos, Fund Art  Crosscut.com, Aug 22, 2011


Book Reviews

Held together by Sinews.  Review of John Kinsella’s Jam Tree Gully.  The Rumpus.  

The Art of Facts and Artifacts. Review of Jeffery Yang’s Vanishing Line.  The Kenyon Review Online, Spring 2012.

Synapses Erupt Like Sparrows. Review of Andrew Grace’s SanctaThe Rumpus.

Life, Lines: Susan Howe’s That This and Julie Carr’s Sarah—Of Fragments and LinesThe Kenyon Review Online, Winter 2012.

Man, Wall, Sea. Review of Joshua Edward’s Campeche.  The Rumpus. 

A Dream in Horses: Review of Carl Philip’s Double Shadow. The Kenyon Review Online, Summer 2011.

This Book Is Not ‘Like’ Anything You’ve Ever Read: Review of Skin Inc. by Thomas Sayers Ellis. The Kenyon Review Online. Spring 2011.

Poems On-Line

“Variation Under Nature.” Zyzzyva. Winter 2012.

“The Strategy.”  The Colorado Review.
“Wonder.”  The Crab Creek Review.
Five Poems. The Kenyon Review, on-line edition. Winter, 2009.

The New Arcadia Review . “A Visit.”  Spring 2011.

Zyzzyva. “Variation Under Domestication,” “Variation Under Nature.” Fall, 2011.
The Colorado Review. “History (III),” “Proverbs,” “The Strategy.” Summer 2011.
Knockout Review . “Meditations,” “Hebrews.”  Forthcoming 2011.
The Southern Review . “Genesis,” “Night Train.”  Fall 2009.
The Kenyon Review. New Voices Selection, Winter 2009:  “Birch, Pine, Palm,” “New,” “Postcards,” “If,” “Trio.”
The Crab Creek Review. “Wonder,”  “Mary,” and “In the City of God, Augustine Said.” Fall/Winter 2009.
The Broome Review . “Pentecost.” Spring 2009.
Tar Wolf Review. “Ode for a Bone.”  Winter 2007.

Books and Scholarship

Phenomenologies of the Stranger. Co-editor with Richard Kearney. Fordham University Press, 2011.

Merleau-Ponty at the Limits of Art, Religion, and Perception. Co-editor with Neal DeRoo. Continuum Press, 2010.

“Between The Life of the Mind and Mind in Life.” Philosophy Today, Fall 2011.

“Love is Strange: Auden, Arendt, and Anatheism,” Literary Imagination. Oxford University Press, March 2009.

“Incarnate Experience.” Religion and the Arts. Chestnut Hill, MA: Brill Academic Publishers, Fall 2010.

“The Habit of Inhabitation.” Environment, Space, Place. Ed. by G. Backhaus, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2009.


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